An Evening of a Thousand Scowls

San Francisco comedy fans are encouraged to attend one of the year's funniest charitable events the Bay Area has to offer on March 29, 2008.
Now in its sixth year, 826 Valencia's Comedy Night has established a reputation for impressive lineups and side-splitting laughs. According to Dave Eggers, acclaimed author and 826 co-founder, "In past years, I've said some sort of blandly cheerleady things about Comedy Night, but this year I'll be more candid: Comedy Night, though benefiting a tutoring and writing center for young people, is a pretty sordid affair. The comedians tend to work blue (very blue), and the audience, deviants all, laps it up. It's all pretty sick, but it raises a lot of money for 826. 

Laughing at lowbrow (and highbrow) humor will directly fund student writing programs at San Francisco' 826 Valencia. In past years, the event has sold out all 1,400 seats at Everett Middle School with this years lineup being perhaps the best yet. This years lineup includes Rainn Wilson, Bobby Lee, TIG, Al Madrigal, Jonathan Coulton, Ian Edwards and a Special  Surprise Guest.

826 Valencia is a nonprofit organization decated to supporting students ages 6 - 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. 

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