Route 66 Backseat Driver: The "Kid"

Tonight there is a guitar workshop in St Louis MO. at Fazios Frets and Friends thanks to Brian Vaccaro. Thanks Brian and see you next year.....

Had a chance to ride and talk awhile en route to Fazios with Devin Hoffman, CowBop bassist today. The eighteen year old USC freshman is enjoying his first tour. "I feel privileged to have the opportunity to play and learn from his band mates" and his band mates feel the same citing his open approach to learning and his natural youthful aggression as being qualities that will take him far. "The kid clearly has talent says drummer Mike McKinley".

Born and raised in Miami Florida as the youngest of three boys Devin first joined his high school band to avoid an art class. "Graduate USC in Jazz Studies, pursue graduate degrees in similar areas of study, get married and have kids and to ultimately teach exactly what he is presently learning in a big city like Chicago or San Francisco" says Devin. "And lets not forget playing live jazz as many nights as possible.

Devin believes his best assets are his intuition, ability to play by hear and improvise and also having a teacher like Bruce Forman and the rest of the USC Music Department to prod him on his way.

Lets not forget who this whole thing is for. Click here to find out more about
"The Kids of Jazz Masters"......

Heading out to the great state of Oklahoma we were able to spend a lot of time taking pictures in Missouri. Hope you like.....

See ya in Tulsa at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame !

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