Route 66 Backseat Driver: The First Day Out

After early wake up calls for all we headed towards the headwaters of the mighty "Mother Road", the intersection of Adams and Michigan in downtown Chicago. Arriving at our destination and quickly parking in no parking areas we all jumped out to take a few pictures then jumped right back in our chariots before the local parking monitors had a chance to spot us.

After stopping shortly at Dunkin Doughnuts, for those that needed their sugar fix's, we proceeded to drive the next 200 plus miles on as much of the original road as possible. Had a chance to see all the neat Route 66 stops and landmarks that can't be seen from the interstate at 70 mph. A good sampling of the photos taken include "The Launching Pad" restaurant and "Funks Grove Maple Syrup Farm" in Shirley.

The capitol city of Springfield, IL was our destination and we achieved our goal about 4:oo pm. Checking in at the Route 66 Hotel took less time than normal and allowed time to kick back before leaving for sound checks and a 8:00 show at the Capitol City Bar and Grille.

As opposed to the previous evenings show, the audience consisted mostly of friends and locals that had seen and participated in one or more of the previous Route 66 Challenges. Most stated that they had waited and anticipated for weeks the arrival of CowBop in Springfield. The show actually had many crowd pleasing highlights that paralleled the Martyrs show, but with one exception.

Out of the shadows strode a dark stranger wielding his deadly ware, a "Harp". His name was "Blind Melon Chitlin" and he was the local harmonica gunslinger. Stepping on stage and announcing a key and changes he proceeded to kick off the band on a 12 bar blues jam. Defiantly it was one of the highlights of the night.

Don't forget your Jazz Masters Workshop donations. That's what this thing is all about.....

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