Where Have I Known You Before

The quintessential jazz fusion band of the 1970's, Return To Forever," is reuniting.  Yes, you heard right, the epic combination of Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola and Lenny White will be touring together for the first time in almost thirty years for a summer tour of North America and Europe. 
"Its actually happening, says booking agent Jack Randell with Boston based Ted Kurland Associates. After meeting several times last summer and early fall, Return To Forever members ultimately decided the timing was good to do it. "What made me want to do it," Corea told the Times Don Heckman, "was just recalling how great the feeling was playing with these guys."

Return To Forever started out as more of a Latin-tinged jazz ensemble in 1971, but Corea, influenced by John McLaughlin's  Mahavishnu Orchestra and some of the progressive rock bands of the 1970's, steered the group towards a rock-jazz-fusion sound that ultimately achieved considerable commercial success with the releases of Light as a Feather-1973, Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy-1973, Where Have I Known You Before-1974, No Mystery (1975 Grammy Award), Romantic Warrior-1976 and Musicmagic-1977. A final re-orientation of the group that gave it more of a big band sound occurred prior to the 1978 folding of the group.

The foursome will play more than fifty dates across North America and Europe, featuring primarily classic music from their 1970's chart topping albums. The tour includes top outdoor festivals such as the Montreux Festival, the Montreal International Festival, Spain's San Sebastian Festival, France's Nice Festival and the Freihofer's Festival in Saratoga Springs, NY.


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