Seawind Reunion

Here is one for all you late 1970's early 1980's Jazz & Fusion buffs. 
The group "Seawind", with Pauline Wilson, is back in the studio with their soon to be released Reunion CD. 

The group is and will be spending time in more than 1 Los Angeles recording studios while perfecting new material and updating some of their classic arrangements including "Free" and "Follow Your Road". Also looks like the entire group of Bob Wilson - Drums, Pauline Wilson - Vocals, Larry Williams - Keyboards, Sax & Flute, Jerry Hey - Trumpet & Flugelhorn, Kim Hutchcroft - Sax & Flute, Bud Nuanez - Guitar and Ken Wild - Bass are back.  Al Jarreau will be making a guest appearance on multiple songs. 

Here's some Seawind trivia for you. Does anyone know the original name of the band before the Harvey Mason, Bob Wirtz, CTI Record explosion years ?

Let me know and I will let you know of the upcoming release date and purchase info.....


  1. If I remember correctly, the band was called something like "Tusk" and Larry Hall (along with Jerry Hey) played trumpet with them for part of that time.

  2. Dear Byfrost-

    Ah! It came to me this morning while I was driving in the car. Seawind was called "Ox" in their pre-Seawind days. That's when most of the group had just left IU and also had Larry Hall playing trumpet with them.

    Please keep me posted on when the new reunion CD is coming out. Also, IF the group does another reunion gig ANYWHERE, please let me know, as I would love to see them play again.

    Ron Pierce (prior "Anonymus" email)

  3. Byfrost-

    Here's some trivia for you. What was the business name that the Seawind horn section used in the early '80's that was printed on their business cards?

  4. Thats a good one. You might have to just put me out of my misery cuz I have no idea.....

  5. Byfrost-

    Since I got the band's "pre-Seawind" name right, are you going to let me in on the "scoop" as to when their new studio album is supposed to be released? Also, are there any more discussions about some more reunion concerts?

    Let me know.