Coming to America

Born in Malmsbury in central Victoria, Geoff Achison discovered Eric Clapton at age age nineteen, and his life has never been the same. He moved to Melbourne in the late 1980's to pursue his dream of being a bluesman.
Geoff formed a friendship with Bob Sedergreen during this period and played for a while with the Bluesbusters. He then put his newly found experience to use by forming the band Just Blues, which gigged around Melbourne for the next two years eventually gaining the needed choice support gig for Roy Buchanan.

In 1989, Geoff met Dutch Tilders, and shortly thereafter joined Dutch in his band, the Blues Club. Staying with them until 1994, when he left to pursue a solo career. He is now considered by many to be one of the finest guitarist in Australia.

Geoff was the first guitarist ever from outside the U.S. to receive an endorsement from 
Gibson Guitars. 

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