Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

I have to say that I not only was not a K.T. Tunstall fan but the name didn't even register the first time I heard "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree."  Then I went to YouTube and listened for a while and actually came away completely impressed with her songwriting creativity, on stage presence and the multiple layers of sound produced by such a diminutive gal. (size only)
Not bad coming from a staunch Jazz and Blues advocate.

Saw and listened to her Jackson Five live unplugged adaption of "I Want You Back" and was pleasantly surprised at the new refreshed  version. Nothing against Michael and company but future K.T. cd purchases are a sure bet.....

 K.T. Tunstall will be performing at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles on May 15. 
Tickets go on sale March 1st at 10:00AM

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